Bachelor of Tourism degree program at Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB tourism Bachelor Program) is a bachelor Program that has obtained an opening permit through the decree of the Minister of Research, Technology, and higher education No. 261/KPT/I/2016 on 29 August 2016. Tourism UIB organized the first learning process in the year 2017/2018. 

Bachelor of Tourism Program is one of The Bachelor Program under the Faculty of Economics that aims to produce graduates who have global competitiveness, have international experience and have competency certification that can prepare graduates in dealing with the workplace.








Joining UIB tourism was very enjoyable. I get a lot of new knowledge and experience. With UIB tourism I can learn the entire tourism fields; it makes me understand the tourism aspect not only in one area. There is a real practice activity that gives me experience in entrepreneurial and improving the creativity of the students.  

Jola Fitria Ningsih

During my study at the UIB tourism study program, the knowledge I got was useful, there were many activities such as a series of programs to open a cafe, cooking with quite complete kitchen and pastry facilities. Learn to be a tourguide with the bus facilities provided by the campus. During my college days I was happy and this department was perfect for me.

Edna Raisa Naibaho

During my study at the UIB Tourism Study Program, I received useful knowledge, which from the beginning I did not know how to make a dessert product and after college I was able to understand and make dessert products with complete pastry labs with quite complete facilities. I also learned how to work in a restaurant or hotel. Every Wednesday, there is a Real Practice where this practice is held at Lavintage Lounge and can learn about entrepreneurship (selling products that are produced) as well as how to market and others. I feel happy to be able to join the UIB Tourism Study Program.


Thank you to the intern students of Universitas Internasional Batam for 4 months joining for internship at Harris Resort Barelang Batam. It was a pleasure to work with all of the students. All of you showed the willing to learn and to develop the skill as it can be seen from the review from each department. We are all satisfied with overall performance.

We hope our close partnership will continue well into the future.

HRD Harris Resort Barelang